Make printers visible in the “Add a printer Dialogue box”

In windows Vista and Windows 7 when you add a network printer you get a dialogue box that looks like you should be able to select the printer from the list but the list says that there are no printers available. After much hunting I finally found some group policy settings that change how things are listed.

This how to shows where to go to change the settings


Open Group Policy Management Console

There are many ways to do this so use your favorite way.


Create a new Policy

Create a group policy in in the Organizational Unit where your computers are stored.


Browse to the relevent section

So this is what you all are waiting for:

Computer Configuration>Policies>Administrative Templates>Printers> Add Printer wizard – Network Scan Page (managed network)

This GP setting allows you to determine how many of the following printer types show up.
Number of Directory Printers
Number of TCP/IP Printers
Number of Web Services Printers
Number of Bluetooth Printers
Number of shared Printers


Other things to look at since you are here anyways

Some other settings that may be of interest to you as well are

Point and Print Restrictions (allows you to allow your users to add printers from set print servers without having a UAC prompt)

Printer Browsing (I am not sure if you need to configure this but I did just in case)


I hope this helps some one else figure out how to add information to the the “Add Printer Wizard” dialogue box

I wish I still had the references for how I figured this out. I think I got the hint somewhere in the Spiceworks Community but I am not sure where it was anymore.

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